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13 October 2017:

Angel is a sweet and gorgeous 8 year old female GSD.

She is easy to handle in the house. She drinks water frequently – the vet said there is nothing wrong with her in this regard.

Angel takes treats very gently. She was not taught commands, but is learning to wait at the top and bottom of stairs.

She is also learning to wait to be invited out of the crate and to follow the person either out the door or inside.

She is easily corrected, but needs consistent reinforcement. She is also learning to walk on the leash on the left side and to do her business on the grass curbside.

She has also learned to wait for her food until the “OK” is given. Again, she may need reminders but is easily corrected.

Angel loves people and kids and likes to be around them. She can be a little mouthy. There has been a lot of improvement with this.

She is on medication for arthritis, and she seems to be feeling better since starting it. She loves to be outside and likes to watch what is going on in the neighborhood.

Angel is reactive with dogs. She walks fairly well on a haltie, and needs a firm hand to distract her from other dogs.

Otherwise, she is easy on the leash. Angel goes for short walks due to the arthritis, and I also try to keep her on grass so her toes can heal.

She can get spunky in the backyard, but this does not last very long. She will allow her head, ears, belly, and feet to be touched.

However, when she is excited this is more challenging, and she needs to be encouraged to calm down.

Angel does not have accidents in the house. She easily goes into the crate. She does not mess with her blanket other than to rearrange it for comfort.

She does not chew it.

October 2021:

Angel is 12yo this month. She has been with us for three years now. She’s a beautiful girl with lots of energy.

I call her our “12yr old puppy.” We live in the country. Angel likes to go on walks with us but because of her arthritis she has to take daily meds.

Angel travels well in the car. We take long trips together, but she’s not a jumper so she needs help getting in the car.

Angel is an alpha for sure and requires a firm hand. Experience with GSD is necessary.

She does best by herself or in a pack, but she can be integrated into any home.

Angel is very gentle and calm most of the time but can get very excited and has fear of other dogs she does not know.

She expresses her fear with aggression by barking, snapping and pulling. Angel has made progress, working on her fear aggression.

We continue working with her obedience and socializing as much as possible but its obvious she will never fully overcome her fear.

Specific details

Name Angel 5340
Sex Female
Date of Birth/Age 12 Years (born on 10/9/2009)
Weight in lbs 85
Coat Short
Color Tan/Yellow/Fawn with Black
Characteristics ---
Medical History Has arthritis and takes daily meds.
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Small Animal Friendly? No
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Virginia, United States
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