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Lovely little Miss Peaches was picked up as a stray in Kentucky. Authorities were contacted and Peaches was listed as a lost dog. She waited patiently for her family to come and claim her; however, when no one stepped forward, her temporary foster knew Peaches deserved an incredible forever home. Recognizing that Peaches would be best placed through a rescue, she was transferred to the MAGSR family. We promised Peaches that we would find her an amazing forever family that would love her for a lifetime. 

Peaches is an absolute bundle of joy. She has been socialized with dogs and cats and has done very well. It is highly evident that this happy-go-lucky girl is looking for a family that will adore her as much as she adores them. Although Peaches is a doll, please remember that puppies are a lot of work. Puppies will whine, chew on inappropriate things, have accidents, and fill your home with puppy antics. With structure, routine and leadership, Peaches will develop into the stable and confident adult we know she is destined to become. If Miss Peaches sounds like the right match for your household, ask to meet her today!

Specific details

Name Peaches
Date of Birth/Age 4 months
Sex Female
Weight in lbs 17
Coat Short
Color Black & Tan
Characteristics Housebroken: No, I'm a puppy! - Obedience Trained: No
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Medical History ---
Cat Friendly? Yes
Dog Friendly? Yes
Small Animal Friendly? ---
Child Friendly? Yes


Maryland, United States
PO Box 353, 21771