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Miss Maggie was surrendered to another rescue as she and another un-spayed female were not getting along in the household. Recognizing that the girls were not safe in the current situation, the family decided to look for rescue placement. Maggie was welcomed into another rescue. They made sure that Maggie was spayed and given the opportunity to meet with success. Recognizing that training is essential for all dogs, the other rescue made sure that Maggie began training right away. An intelligent and driven girl, Maggie loves working. She picks up commands quickly and is beyond happy to please her person. With a great foundation in place and an overwhelming number of dogs continuing to need placement, Maggie was transferred to the MAGSR family so that we could help her on the next stage of her journey. 

Maggie is well socialized with people. She is friendly, inquisitive, and always ready to play ball. As a young shepherd, Maggie has a lot of energy. She is looking for an active family that will help her exercise her body and her mind on a daily basis. Maggie is looking for a family that will provide her with continued structure, routine, and leadership as this will help her continue to thrive. Maggie has lived in a home. So, she understands many of the ins and outs of living in a household. However, as is true of any new dog, Maggie will need time to adjust to the rules and expectations of her forever family. Although Maggie already has a solid training foundation, continued training is essential as it will help Maggie create a strong and healthy bond with her forever family. If Maggie sounds like the right match for your family, ask to meet her today. 

Specific details

Name Maggie
Date of Birth/Age 1 year
Sex Female
Weight in lbs 75
Coat Medium
Color Gold
Characteristics Housebroken: Yes - Obedience Trained: Basic Commands
Ready to leave Now
Medical History ---
Cat Friendly? Unknown
Dog Friendly? Yes
Small Animal Friendly? ---
Child Friendly? Unknown


Maryland, United States
PO Box 353, 21771