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Contact Mit Liebe German Shepherd Dog Rescue
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Suamico, WI 54173
Added 2 years and 9 months ago


Looking for that special dog to join your family?

One that gets along with all other dogs and LOVES kids?

Addy (Adoration) has been a joy to have as a foster.

She loves to cuddle, play with other dogs and be her goofy self.

Forever entertaining us.

She is a girl that sounds mean enough to protect you should a stranger approach but worst she can do is smother you with her kisses.

She is a girl you can do anything to.

Doesn’t matter if she is sleeping, eating or playing she welcomes any and all attention at anytime.

Loves walks, swimming and running but will never turn down time to snuggle up with you.

She has that 1yo puppy energy but comes housebroken and trained in some commands!

Specific details

Name Adoration
Date of Birth/Age 1 Year
Sex Female
Weight in lbs ---
Coat Short
Color Sable
Characteristics ---
Ready to leave Now
Medical History Shots up to date.
Cat Friendly? No
Dog Friendly? Yes
Small Animal Friendly? No
Child Friendly? Yes


Suamico, WI, 54173