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Sweet Sasha was living in a home but was left in her crate 24/7 other than for breaks to go outside to the bathroom. She kept her crate clean and was sweet as can be, but remained living this way for too long. Recognizing that Sasha deserved more, she was surrendered to another rescue who gave her the chance to socialize with other dogs and people. They quickly discovered that this little lady loves dogs of all sizes. She is social and outgoing with her furry friends. Although they quickly fell in love with Sasha, due to an overwhelming number of dogs needing placement, Sasha was transferred into MAGSR's care so that we could find her a forever family.

Sasha is sweet, social, and a joy to be around. Although she lived in a home, she was not given many opportunities to be out and about in the household. Sasha will likely need a little time to adjust to rules and expectations of living in a home. However, she already has a good start as she is crate trained and does understand the joys of regular meals and loving people. Sasha will thrive in a home that provides her with the structure, routine, and leadership that all dogs crave. Training will also go a long way with Sasha. Not only will training help her develop a life-long bond with her family, but it will also help her become a good canine citizen. Sasha is looking for a family that enjoys playtime, cuddles, and plenty of giggles. If Sasha sounds like the right match for your household, ask to meet her today!

Specific details

Name Sasha
Date of Birth/Age 2 years
Sex Female
Weight in lbs 65
Coat Short
Color Black, Tan & White
Characteristics Housebroken: Yes - Obedience Trained: No
Ready to leave Now
Medical History ---
Cat Friendly? Unknown
Dog Friendly? Yes
Small Animal Friendly? ---
Child Friendly? Yes


Maryland, United States
PO Box 353, 21771