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Molly is the mom to the 11 Hogwarts puppies. This family was part of a cruelty and neglect case within Maryland. Upon their arrival at the shelter, staff did everything they could to begin working with this family. They were able to foster Molly's puppies out within the MAGSR family; however, Molly needed to remain at the shelter while she awaited a decision on her case. Although she was extremely emaciated, covered with fleas, and weak, Molly appreciated the kindness of staff members and slowly began warming up to new people. Shelter staff worked hard to help Molly begin the recovery process and began getting her some much needed vetting. However, Molly was significantly weakened by the years of mal-treatment and the need to keep her puppies healthy and strong. As a result, a case of kennel cough quickly escalated. When volunteers came through to move Molly into the MAGSR family, they knew something was not right. Molly's kennel cough had evolved and become two-fold. She now had pneumonia and bronchitis. Fortunately, our team came together to ensure that Molly was safe and received all the care she needed. With time, patience, and some extra TLC, Molly has made significant strides. Her body is much stronger and she is ready to move forward. 

Molly is an intelligent and energetic dog. She is looking for an active and experienced forever family that will help her meet her full potential. Having survived horrifying conditions in her previous household, Molly is looking for a home where she can be the focus of the family. A home where she can be the only pet would be her ideal situation. This way she can soak up all of the love and attention of her family while filling their lives with giggles, snuggles, and endless kisses. As she continues to move forward, Molly will need to exercise her body and her mind on a daily basis. Not only will this help her find a good balance within the household but it will also help her use her mind effectively. Molly is a big fan of toys and can be found playfully throwing them around while making her goofy sounds. She is good at keeping herself entertained but also enjoys a good game of fetch. This smart little lady is already picking up commands. She is learning to sit, down, drop it, come, and roll over. She can't wait to learn more! Food and praise motivated, Molly will be a blast at training. Training is essential as it will help Molly develop a strong, healthy bond with her family. It will also help her further develop her skills and socialization so that she can develop into a good canine citizen. Molly is looking for an active home that will provide her with a lifetime of love and attention. Could that be with you?

Specific details

Name Molly
Date of Birth/Age 2 years
Sex Female
Weight in lbs 50
Coat Short
Color Gold
Characteristics Housebroken: Yes - Obedience Trained: Working on it
Ready to leave Now
Medical History ---
Cat Friendly? No
Dog Friendly? No
Small Animal Friendly? ---
Child Friendly? Older kids, over 16


Maryland, United States
PO Box 353, 21771