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Lovely Lassie was originally purchased from a breeder in the south with the intention of potentially breeding her. However, as time passed, her family decided that this was too much for them. Unfortunately, with busy schedules and other things to attend to, Lassie was too often left without the attention and care she deserved too. Luckily, one member of the family adored this lovely girl and kept an eye on her. She made sure to visit and work with Lassie as often as possible. Although she loved Lassie, she knew that this such a special girl deserved so much more. When she reached out to MAGSR for help, we immediately started working with our team to welcome Lassie to the family. 

Lassie is a stunning lady. Having been brought up around people of all ages, she is good with a variety of people. However, due to a lack of socialization it can take her a little time to warm up to new people. Once comfortable she is affectionate and playful. Lassie really enjoys playing with kids. Although Lassie is good with large dogs, she is not a big fan of cats or small dogs. Having lived in a home, Lassie already knows many of the ins and outs of living with a family. She is crate trained and housebroken. However, as is true of any new dog, Lassie will need time to adjust to the structure and routines of her forever home. Food motivated, Lassie is excited to start training and is planning on being the star of the class. Training is critical as it will not only provide her with the opportunity to develop a healthy bond with her new family, but it will also help her develop into a good canine citizen. Lassie is looking for a forever family that will enjoy her playful personality and affectionate mannerisms. Could that family be with you?

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Name Lassie
Date of Birth/Age 7 years
Sex Female
Weight in lbs 65
Coat Medium
Color Black & Tan
Characteristics Housebroken: Yes - Obedience Trained: No
Ready to leave Now
Medical History ---
Cat Friendly? No
Dog Friendly? Yes, big dogs only
Small Animal Friendly? ---
Child Friendly? Older Kids Only


Maryland, United States
PO Box 353, 21771